Open calls for minimART 2.0 : Exhibition, Video Art and Performance Art.


How do you transform a 1m x 1m x 3m space into a contemporary art?

The minimART is inviting young artists to push the boundary of art within a divided space in The Substation gallery.

It is an opportunity for you define what you think art is or how you perceive art.

If you have an idea that does not quite fit into the existing definition of art, present it and make your marks in the coming minimART

There is no theme in the open call. There are just 2 conditions :

1. Your idea is to be presented within the 1m x 1m x 3m (height) space.

It doesnt need to be a stall-format with a table and a chair. It can be an installation of your artworks. Not necesarily physical artworks, you can present a performance within the space. Be creative and challenge the conventional artistic forms. The space is yours and it is up to you to make use of it to experiment and present your idea.

2. Your artworks are to be priced and the maximum is $1000.


Participation fee

As this is a not-for-profit initiative and we have limited resources, selected artists are to contribute $30 participation fee to share the costs of the project. We will however help artists to get sponsorship from the public. (see Supporters page) There is no fee involved in submitting your registration.

To respond to the open call, please fill in the form below and submit by 25 Feb 2012.


Important dates to note:
Now till  25 Feb 2012: Open call
1 Mar 2012: Result
7 Mar 2012 : Confirmation of participation by selected artists
7 & 8 Apr 2012 : minimART2.0



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OPEN CALL for VIDEOvoiddeck.


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