minimART is back this October! 

Into its 3rd installment, minimART is a platform dedicated to young contemporary artists in Singapore to showcase original fine art works ranging from paintings, video art, photography, installation, performance and other forms of contemporary practices.

minimART will showcase local artists' works in response to an open call to transform a 1m x 1m x 3m space into a contemporary art.

Young artists approach the allocated space through their practices . The only requirement, other than to keep the works within the scale of the given dimension is that all the works have to be for sale, under $1000. It is a representation on how the younger generation of local artists interprete and express contemporary ideas and issues through art. Themes explored by the artists cover aesthetic expression to conceptual art. 

Visitors get to talk to the artists as they will be present on both days.

minimART 3.0 will happen on 20 Oct (2 to 8pm) and 21 Oct 2012 (12 to 6pm) at The Substation Theatre.

All are welcome. Free admission

Ade Putra Safar                                    Aiden Morgen 
Alexander Leong                                   Bentan 
Daryl Goh                                             Ezzam Rahman
Farah Ong                                            Jacquelyn Soo 
Kelvin Atmadibrata                                Lee Gwo Yinn
Sif Doodle                                            Sharmila Roseli
Stellah Lim                                           Sufian Samsiyar
Su-Jin Ng                                             Syamil Dasuki
Teow Yue Han                                      Terry Wee
Vincent Chow                                       Yan Asan
Zoya Chaudhary 
NOW! [3]
A series of performances within a 1x1m spot. NOW! is curated by Kelvin Atmadibrata.

Performances will take place on 20 Oct (2 to 8pm).Photo documentation and relic of the performances will be available for sale on the 21 Oct (12 to 6pm).
Chand Chandramohan
Ezzam Rahman
Farah Ong
Justin Lee
Kelvin Atmadibrata
Li Cassidy-Peet
Natasha Wei
Teow Yue Han
Willis Henry Turner

VIDEOvoiddeck II
VIDEOvoiddeck returns to minimART with video art from seven young contemporary artists from Lasalle College of the Arts. VIDEOvoiddeck II is curated by Wesley Leon Aroozoo.
Alexander Leong
Haffidz Razak
Khodeejah Ismail
Theodore Eu
Umaira Latiff
Zenn Tan


Win an artwork this minimArt! 

A fine art print to be given to a lucky visitor every hour.

Works by 3 young artists:


 Kelvin Atmadibrata

Sufian Samsiyar    

Willis Turner Henry 

 t & c.

- one work per visitor
- to be collected within minimart opening hours
- choice of artworks subject to availability
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