minimART2.0 exhibition

The Substation gallery, 7 April (2 to 9 pm) and 8 April (10am to 6pm)

minimART will showcase 25 artists' works in response to an open call to transform a 1m x 1m x 3m space into a contemporary art.

Young artists approach the allocated space through their practices which range from installation, sculptures, photography and paintings. The
only requirement, other than to keep the works within the scale of the given dimension is that all the works have to be for sale, under $1000.

It is a representation on how the younger generation of local artists interprete and express contemporary ideas and issues through art. Themes explored by the artists cover aesthetic expression to conceptual art. Visitors get to talk to the artists as they will be present on both days.
Participating artists
Anne Cecile Surga
Boglarka Edvy
Hilky Mohamed
Li Cassidy-Peet
Maung Nyan Soe
Anh Tran
Arista Jemie Soh
Cheryl Teo      
D.L. Zanardi
Daryl Goh
Gwo Yinn Lee
Sif Doodle         www.Hasifayakun.Com
Hema Lata
Janet Chui
Olga Bliznetsova
pang + kanako
Su Xiaomin
Tan Suang Suang
Tan Jingliang
Wayne Lim
Wei Long Hoong
Yen Phang
Eunice Lim
Terry Wee
See how you can sponsor your favourite artists listed above, visit the Supporters page.
The Random Room at The Substation, 7 Apr (4 to 8pm)
A 4 hour durational performance curated by Daniela Beltrani, involves 5 surprise artists and 10 unknown
materials, explores the challenges of negotiation with space, people, materials where artists have no choice over.

10 surprise materials
5 surprise artists
4 hours
1 small space

Often, during performance art workshops, the attending artists are faced with challenges of negotiation with space, people, materials they had no choice over. The unfolding of the ensuing performative explorations occurs in an intimate limbo of total openness and lack of premeditation, beyond the limiting restrictive parameters of good/bad performance. In such a context, the real concern naturally pivots around the extension of the initial boundaries to unknown territories with complete presence of the Self. There is perfect symmetry between artist and audience in a continuous flux of action, reception and reaction. The energy is in a continuous and precarious state of fluctuation of highs and lows, free from any qualitative judgment: the lows are just as necessary as the highs and justify their existence in this eternal cycle.

The intention of this showcase is to offer the deambulating audience an insight into this flux of energy, made of infinitesimally small instants escaping rational definition or categorisation, and to encourage its experience without judgment.

The voyeuristic setting for the audience to access the performance is meant to highlight the ephemeral quality of the experience offered, in a 2D format of living movie unfolding.

No documentation via photo or videos will be taken.

Any relic will be for sale the following day. They will be the only tangible sign that the performance ever took place, besides the memory of the artists and that of the audience.

The Random Room at The Substation,  8 Apr (10 am to 6 pm)
There will be a very strong and fresh line-up of video art works and experimental films. VIDEOvoiddeck, curated by Wesley Leon Aroozoo, the 100 min of videos by 20 over artists includes new works from inspiring up and coming artists. The program is also strengthened with works from seasoned artists. The audience will also get to experience different perspectives from international works from our friends in Europe.

Void Decked by Azhar Shukor - 5 minutes
Re:Birth by Jac Min - 4 minutes  (
Kelly by Thong Kay Wee - 3 minutes
Birthday Cake by Ang Sookoon - 2 minutes (
No Ok by Al Ghorie - 6 minutes (
A Girl Walking Slowly by Marissa Viani Serrano Ocampo - 4 minutes (
Crane Wife by Allysa Sing - 3 minutes          (  
Unconsciousness/ Consciousness by Lavender Chang - 2 minutes (
II mio sogno by Massimo Ruberti - 4 minutes 
Vanishing Air by Tan Jingliang - 4 minutes
I (don't) give up by Alexandre Braga - 3 minutes (

Day and Night by Martin Hong - 2 minutes
Unedited Optimus Temp Kev Naked Guy with a Birds Head by The Source - 2 minutes
Monochrome by Arista Jemie Soh - 3 minutes (
Cullando parole svanite by Trama afonA - 4 minutes (
Birth of a Biomorphic Being by Prakash S/O Perumal Haridas (
The Train to Jonkoping by Nelson Yeo - 5 minutes
Green to Grey, we need time to breathe by Ghazi Alqudcy - 3 minutes
Tale for a sleepless solitude by Emilio Rizzo - 3 minutes (
Leaving Home by Alessio Rutigliano - 3 minutes
As Winter Escapes Me by Liao Jiekai - 10 minutes (
Love Me Yesterday by Wesley Leon Aroozoo - 6 minutes (
BirthReBirth by Kiyoko Mori - 2 minutes
Void Deck By the sea by Wong Ruyi - 2 minutes (

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