minimArt  is a platform dedicated to young contemporary artists, to showcase original fine art works ranging from paintings, sculptures, photography, installation, performance and other forms of contemporary practices.

All works experimented, installed and showcased are for sale under $1,000.

This is an event organised by artists for artists in Singapore! It aims to contribute to the development in local artistic practice - particularly that of young contemporary artists - by encouraging constant production of art among Singapore artists. It also hopes to plant the seed of collecting local art among art enthusiasts by its offer of affordable artworks. (Read more about the objectives of the event below)

The first minimArt was held in July 2011. The subsequent editions happened in April and October 2012 and March 2013.

minimArt 5.0 is set for 25 and 26 January 2014 at The Substation (

minimArt is co-presented with The Substation. 


Why minimArt? 

The minimArt is a non-for-profit project initiated by two artists Vincent Chow and Kelvin Atmadibrata. It is an on-going project seeks to create platforms for local young artists to present their artworks. The project currently organises a series of installments that are held once or twice per year at The Substation.

minimArt aims to offer:


1. An affordable platform for young artists to show and sell their works to motivate them to constantly producing new artwork

2. A networking and socializing channel to meet other artists that could lead to collaboration.

3. An opportunity to be talent spotted by curators and art galleries.

The community

1. Make art appreciation as common as going to the supermarket.

2. Appreciation of artwork by local artists. With a focus on contemporary art, it will help to heighten the level of appreciation on unconventional artistic expression among the local audience.

3. A way to encourage art collecting culture especially for first time art buyer with affordable artworks

4. An accessible and less intimidating platform compared to visiting a gallery.

5. Opportunities to meet and talk to the artists.

6. Introduce the Substation as an independent art space to the general public to encourage more people to participate in programmes organised by the Susbtation.


The team behind minimArt 5.0

Noor Effendy Ibrahim (advisor)

Wesley Leon Aroozoo (curator)

Chen Jieyun (organiser)

Kelvin Atmadibrata (organiser)

Vincent Chow (organiser)                              



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